After leaving my hometown Penang, Malaysia, I realize that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity that my parents provided me with their hard work. I wish to take this opportunity to work hard as well to pursue my career as a filmmaker/photographer and make my parents proud. 

I am a filmmaker by day and dancer by night. Dancing helps me get away from the long hours of filming and editing and come back the next day with a fresh mind. Just like filmmaking, I practice my crafts with consistency and discipline. Every day I try to surround myself with as much positive energy as I can. 

What I can offer

In today's world, there are countless established and well-known products and services companies we can choose from. But what about those that go unnoticed? Some have excellent products and services but still get overlooked. That is why I want to help business owners to obtain maximum reach from their potential customers by creating quality content to attract more traffic to their sites. As mentioned above, I am consistent and disciplined with what I do, but more importantly, I am passionate about what I do.

As I am still trying to find my style and build my portfolio, prices will be very cheap to begin with!